AHLT Eco Candle [Pyrige]
AHLT Eco Candle [Pyrige]
AHLT Eco Candle [Pyrige]

AHLT Eco Candle [Pyrige]

A scented eco-conscious candle in a violet glass jar, which means only ultra-violet and infra-red rays can pass through it. Working as a natural filter, this improves the fragrance's long-lasting aroma.  


"PYRIGE is old English for a pear tree, which is exactly what comes to mind when you light this delightfully sweet soy candle. With tones of rhubarb, golden honey, and patchouli this homage to the pear tree, one of AHLT's favourite fruits envokes childhood memories, topped off with bright notes of freesia. The ideal choice to revitalise and refresh your home scent with A House Like This." 


    SCENT  pear + rhubarb + freesia 
    DETAILS 220g | 45 hr burn time
    COLOUR black 
    MATERIAL violet glass


    DELIVERY £5.90