AHLT Eco Candle [Tonic]
AHLT Eco Candle [Tonic]
AHLT Eco Candle [Tonic]

AHLT Eco Candle [Tonic]

A scented eco-conscious candle in a violet glass jar, which means only ultra-violet and infra-red rays can pass through it. Working as a natural filter, this improves the fragrance's long-lasting aroma.  


"Vibrant citrus tones, black tea, pine, and cedar are also present in our TONIC blend making this a feel-good guilt-free pleasure that you'll cherish. TONIC boasts a blend of bergamot, refreshing lime, and cool cucumber to soothe and satiate your longing for the undeniable satisfaction of an ice-cold G&T no matter the time of year. As featured in British Vogue TONIC is a scent that you'll cherish with clean-burning 100% natural soy wax."



    SCENT  lime + cucumber + bergamot 
    DETAILS 220g | 45 hr burn time
    COLOUR black 
    MATERIAL violet glass


    DELIVERY £5.90