Bread Mix - Rustic Dawn
Bread Mix - Rustic Dawn

Bread Mix - Rustic Dawn

Indulge yourself with this delicious breadmix from Nicolas Vahé. Undoubtedly, a delicious brunch table inclusive this expanded and delicious bread will be a hit. All you need to add is water, salt and yeast, and after a while in the oven, you have the perfect bread or rolls. The dark breadmix is 100% organic and contains wheat flour, graham flour and dark malt flour that provides the bread with a dark and rustic look – hereof the name Rustic Dawn.

Ingredients: wheat flour*, grahamflour*, dark malt flour*. *Organic


  • Energy kJ1644,00
  • Energy kcal388,00
  • Fat1,84
  • -  Of which mono-unsaturates0,00
  • -  Of which saturates0,20
  • -  Of which polyunsaturates0,00
  • Carbohydrate79,10
  • -  Of which sugars0,80
  • Fibre7,02
  • Protein10,30
  • Salt0,01