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With summer on the horizon, and with the fact that we are spending more and more time at home, even as isolation eases, it makes sense that we turn our attention to our beloved gardens.

At DECORUM, we pride ourselves on scouring far and wide to bring you the best in industrial-chic, modern-minimalism, and antique-vibe products to make any space a home – inside or out.

Impart an outdoor lounge setting on your terrace or garden, with our WOODIE range, or let your inner green thumb out and get planting with our wide selection of large rustic vases. For the sun worshipers, we even have loungers – pay close attention to the Tranquil Sun Bed by Muubs is both beautifully designed and very comfortable due to its curved design. 

Founder Christina is fond of the Echo Jars, stating that: "I absolutely love these oversized jars and pots. They are hand-turned by Balinese artisans, so each piece is truly unique. And as an amateur potter in a previous life, I really appreciate the process and craftsmanship that goes in to creating these beautiful pieces."

And our creative director, Stav, is drawn to the Cylinder and Tokyo Planters. "My concrete fetish and love for all things dark combine into these planters," he explains. "The charcoal black colour, with the cement texture and polished finish - how can you not be in love?" 

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