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“DECORUM was launched in 2013 as an online shop only for the love of interiors, furniture and design,” explains founder Christina Karoulla. “An obsession that I still admit I have even now.”

Christina is most inspired by simple, functional design and raw materials. Easily demonstrated by the products and pieces that DECORUM stocks. She goes on to describe beautiful silhouettes and organic shapes, and, of course, the Danish design which is a huge influence on her, her home, and her store.

“I think my style is what I would call warm minimal with a subtle mid-century influence,” Christina goes on to say. “I tend to gravitate toward natural materials such as stone and wood, and my new-found obsession with plants allows me to invite a natural botanical element to the interior, creating my little haven.” All of which can be seen in her recent feature in The Spaces Magazine.

At the moment, Christina is particularly gravitated to the Umage Time Flies Chair, calling it; “Danish design at its best. The chair is comfortable, functional, with a style and shape that could well become a classic in its own right. 

On owning a female-founded business, Christina thinks that “the most challenging thing about having my business is about to come in 2021.” DECORUM, just like many other small businesses has been affected by COVID-19. “We absolutely understand the lockdowns are necessary if we are going to get this virus under control. And we also have Brexit to contend with. 2021 is going to be a challenging year for everyone. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared.” 

While DECORUM is focusing its attention on its online presence, like many of its contemporaries, Christina believes it’s still important to have a physical shop: “you can't compare the physical and emotional experience that comes with walking into a shop.” Although she can be found at the Crystal Palace location on occasion – which is still open for take away coffee and click + collect – Christina longs for the day they can reopen officially again.


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