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A few months ago, as news of a lockdown in result of Covid-19 started to circulate, we noticed a decline in sales – our Boxpark location was very quiet. Shoreditch had become a ghost town. It wasn’t long that Crystal Palace followed suit. We initially wanted to wait until Boris gave us the go ahead, but on Sunday 23rd March, we closed up shop. We haven’t regretted it one bit: it was the right thing to do. The news got darker, numbers began to rise, and we were just lucky that we had our health.

With both stores closed however, our main source of income had vanished. This would not stop us. We have now turned our attention to online. We want DECORUM to become a source of interior inspiration, chic lifestyle content, and pure positivity. So, welcome to our first blog… 

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t found the transition a struggle at times. A lack of motivation mostly, and getting used to a no-routine routine left us finding it difficult to get up some mornings, but at the same time we have loved not having to commute; being creative at home; doing up our houses, painting, spending more time in the garden [for the one of us who's lucky to have a garden], we’ve even attempted baking bread – needless to say we are not bread bakers. Lemon drizzle muffins, on the other hand, we have them mastered. It’s all the little projects we wouldn’t have found the time to do without the lock down. Working from home, in the comfort of our own bed isn’t all bad, is it? Walks with the newest member of the DECORUM family, puppy Raf, keeping us sane too.

Speaking of family, DECORUM is run by Christina Karoula and Stavros Agapiou, we’re an aunt and nephew duo. To ensure we stay connected, not just with each other, but with our customers and suppliers we are constantly posting on social media especially Instagram, Facebook and twitter, consistently looking for new products and acting as if it’s business as usual. Even though it’s far from it. We’re still so inspired and excited, which is why we’ve taken so many of our own products into our own homes [now that the walls have had a lick of paint]. Creating reall content to inspire and intrigue. 

Having spent so much time inside, it’s really made us think about home as a concept, as a construct. A home should be a place of sanctuary, where you feel safe and comfortable, filled with love and meaning. Pieces that have integrity, stability and will last a lifetime, even longer. We want to inspire you to fill your space with pieces that make you smile, think, provoke a conversation. DECORUM has always been a believer of finding the new classics of the future. We still believe in that, and we will focus on that moving forward.

We understand that as a society a change has to happen, and this crisis has in a way made us stop and think. Priorities are sure to change. We took too much for granted before, living in a throw-away society. We want to push the notion of conscious shopping and slow living. Thinking before you buy, and focusing on the independent stores you love and don’t want to see go. We hope DECORUM is one of them.

Love + light,

Christina + Stav

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