New season, new products.

Decorum-shop has a spring in it's step as we are slowly taking stock of our new products and ready to showcase them to the world. Hand picked for the Decorum customer in mind as well as our own selfish desires. If it's good for our own home, it's good for Decorum. This is personal. 

Finding the right lighting for our collection was a must this time and I think we have done oursleves proud. The Cuna and Silvia flat packed lamp shades are genius and such a fantastic price. 

Right now we are in love with the Labware Lights collection. How unique and simple. Winner of the 100% design Blueprint award for the best product. We feel honoured to be showcasing them here on our very own humble little website. You wait, they will be featured in the book of Icon's soon, if there is such a book. There must be. 

What else do we have? Oh yes, the Wall Bubble and Hanging Terrarium. Great gift ideas and very popular here at Decorum headquarters. The recycled glass tealights and vases. We know they will prove popular for the gift buyers. 

Well we are delighted to be going in to our second season with Decorum. Our first Season was amazing, Please let it continue.

Love Decorum.