Happy New Year and Thank you!

Here at Decorum, we just want to say thank you for your support so far in our first few months of trading and making our Christmas season so amazingly special.

It is challenging for a small online business to get noticed in such a huge ocean of big brand names and humongous retailers. We like to think of ourselves as little sea horses swimming alongside the big whale. 

We are closing in on 2013 with huge smiles on our faces. Very much looking forward to 2014, as we have plans in process for Decorum popping up in shops around the area and the city, we feel this would be a great platform to spread the word of Decorum and allow our growing customers to see and experience for themselves our beautiful products.


Our Christmas launch party was a massive success, so looking forward to a few more of these. Anyone who's interested in hosting a Decorum event or know anyone who will be, please get in touch for more details. 

We wish you an amazing New Year.