Decorum's Christmas Launch Party

The biggest night of Decorum's calendar happened on Thursday 28th November. Our first ever Christmas Event Party. Launching our brand as well as our new accessories and gifts, including the ever so popular season's must haves...Gigantic baubles!

Friends, family and industrialites graced the doors of my humble home-turned boutique shop for the evening, in support for our new online business.


The dining table - dressed with rustic plates and bowls, antique glass candlesticks and the odd festive deck sharing the space was truly a superb Christmas setting.

The fireplace glowing and the baubles dangling. Artwork proudly adorning the walls and the cushions plumped. My home looked every inch the perfect little shop.

In no time the place was filling up and the champagne was pouring. My fear of a no show event had thankfully diminished. The atmosphere in the house was warming up and the orders came flying through. By the time the evening was winding down, the stock was running out.


I found myself filled with an overwhelming sense of relief, excitement and complete gratitude. I can now say with my head in the clouds that Decorum's Christmas event was a huge success.

So give me this moment, I waited a long time for it. 

Christina Karoulla